Flocks of hums

The idea of ‘cults’ or the loose concept of “extreme” religion (e.g the Westboro Baptist Church, Trump-supporters, etc) bore me due to the inherent nature of human beings. We are flock animals, basically ‘sheep’. We are essentially followers, easily manipulated in what you would otherwise call, brainwashed. We easily allow ourselves to believe and fall into routine, and hysteria (someone screams, we all scream), hence people conforming to religious doctrines later in life (after living as atheists) in search of more meaning; the rockstars who became nuns. The questions regarding why people fall into cult circles or can live under such dualistic frameworks that some religions propose is not a question of human culture or society, but human nature and psychology. As a budding anthropologist, I should care. But I feel that following a belief or doctrine or any authority blindly says more about human nature, than it does about culture. I’ll leave that to the biologists or zoologists to examine that we too, are just animals. I understand culture as, taking what is natural and weaving it into something else (for example religion it self, rather than those who follow it.)

I might be wrong. I most likely am.