Trump, you're scaring me.

On top of his racist and sexist agenda and executive orders and horrible presidency, Trump has now taken another obvious step towards dismantling what little democracy (yes, I know, freedom and democracy are pretty much illusions) is left in the so-called “free world”.

For an advocate of terms like “true news” and “free press”, Trump sure seems like the biggest opposer and well, not to anyones surprise, but a massive hypocrite.

As long as the news is in his favour it get’s the green light, otherwise it is now categorised as “fake news”.


Worst of all, he labeled them “Enemy of the People.”

His decision to ban the so-called ‘Enemy of the People’ /a.k.a CNN, NYT, Guardian, BBC and others/ from a media briefing, came as a shock to me, and left me with a sour taste in my throat (which is hard to imagine considering all the bile that left me choking for weeks after his non-muslim muslim travel ban.)

This is truly scary (the muslim ban was inhumane, but not entirely unexpected from the Trump office, considering he ran his election on the promise of The Wall and deportation of “Mexicans” and “Muslims”) because now Trump is slowly disposing of those who report on him in a less than favourable light. These news outlets (CNN etc) are the ones who have taken Trump’s self-proclaimed crown from him and nudged him off his golden pedestal.